Jimmy’s is a small agency that dares to think big. We do not operate alone but we work together with our network of partners, specialists in specific disciplines. We, as Jimmy, are your independent agency that provides the overall strategy, synergy and the central point of contact. We are doing this by following the four steps below.

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It all starts with knowledge about the audience. Knowledge on developmental psychology (such as social, language and cognitive development) and media studies. We have this knowledge in-house thanks to our Media Strategist who has a Master degree in Youth & Media and who continuously monitors the latest developments with regard to this target group by following studies, webinars and conferences. Besides, we always share this knowledge to support our media plans.

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02. PLAN

After we researched the audience, we are starting to work on a plan to reach your campaign goals. No matter what the goal is (awareness, traffic, views, engagement or other goals), our plan is always based on all the gathered (research) knowledge on the audience, combined with our experience over the past 20 years. This will always provide you a well thought through plan.

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Creation is in the heart and soul of Jimmy’s. We believe that creativity is the key to a successful campaign aimed at this audience. By developing creative ads, we ensure that the message is remembered better and longer. We are happy to think along with you about creative concepts that grab and hold the attention of the audience

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Goed ontwikkelde campagnes vereisen duidelijke communicatie en planning. We make sure that all agreements are clear, that deadlines are met and that the campaign runs smoothly from A to Z. We will keep you informed as much as possible before, during and after the campaign.

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