Who is Jimmy?

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Jimmy's Services

The services we offer are diverse and continuously developing, just like this audience. 


Rich Media Ads | Video Ads | Mobile (In-App) Ads | Ads in Virtual Worlds | Native In-Game Advertising | Custom Landing Pages

From playable ads to high engagement take-overs, video and everything in between. Online advertising often plays a main role in our strategy since it’s perfect to generate KPI’s such as awareness, engagement and conversion. However, we believe that the online ads of today should match the audience and the world they are living in. It should not be intrusive or trigger any irritation but it should be fun, playful and aiming for engagement and interaction. When we take this to the next level we are talking about online advergames or engagement ad’s. Follow-up with a custom landing page and have insight on conversion, a heat map and other relevant data.


Influencer Campaigns | Social Advertising | Branded Content

TikTok, Twitch, Pinterest, the whole shebang. Name it and we’ve got it! When you think about youngsters, you think about Social Media Campaigns. This includes Influencer Campaigns, Social Ads and Branded Content on the most state-of-the-art platforms. Our specialism lies in campaigns on TikTok since we started in the early days which led to years of experience. But, we are able to offer you a full Social Media plan. 

Jimmy's Plan of Attack

Jimmy’s is a small agency that dares to think big. We do not operate alone but we work together with our network of partners, specialists in specific disciplines. We, as Jimmy, are your independent agency that provide the overall strategy, synergy and the central point of contact. We are doing this by following the four steps below.


It all starts with knowledge about the audience. Knowledge on developmental psychology (such as social, language and cognitive development) and media studies.This knowledge is in-house since our Campaign Strategist holds a Master Degree in Youth & Media. Besides, we keep ourselves - and our clients - up to date by following and hosting webinars/conferences & posting on social media.


After we researched the audience, we are starting to work on a plan to reach your campaign goals. No matter what the goal is (awareness, traffic, views, engagement or other goals), our plan is always based on all the gathered knowledge on the audience, combined with our experience over the past 20 years. This will provide you a well thought through plan.


Creation is in the heart and soul of Jimmy’s Agency. We believe in creativity as one of the key factors of failing or succeeding a campaign. This audience has a critical eye for creative concepts and execution, and therefore we take this very seriously. We love to brainstorm for you on creative concepts that grab the attention of the audience and hold it.


Well-developed campaigns require clear communication and planning. We make sure all agreements are clear, deadlines are met and the campaign runs smoothly from A to Z. Our PMS is our holy grail, and we will keep you as updated as possible on the progress before, during and after the campaign.

Jimmy's Brandsafety

Jimmy’s always commits to the highest EU standards in regards to data and privacy and works exclusively with external parties where this applies too. This, ofcourse, includes all rules and regulations regarding kids advertising too. These parties are examined by independent organizations as displayed below.

Our Clients

We launched campaigns for numerous beautiful brands.

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