The services we offer are diverse and continuously developing, just like this audience.


Rich Media Advertising | Video Advertising | Mobile/Tablet (In-App) Advertising | Advertising in metaverse/virtuele werelden

From playable ads to high engagement take-overs, video and everything in between. Online advertising often plays a main role in our strategy since it’s perfect to generate KPIs such as awareness, engagement and traffic. However, we believe that the online ads of today should match the audience and the world they are living in. The ads should be fun and playful and not disrupt the user experience. We also often incorporate engagement/interaction in the ad to ensure that the ads are fun to watch and are better remembered.


Creation is in the heart and soul of Jimmy’s. We believe that creativity is the key to a successful campaign aimed at this target group. In many cases, our creative studio also creates the advertising materials for our campaigns. Interactivity and engagement are key here. Challenge us! We are happy to think along with you about a suitable creative concept that fits your campaign.


Influencer marketing | Social advertising | Branded Content op social media

TikTok, Twitch, YouTube, the whole shebang. Name it and we can o er it. When you think about youngsters, you think about Social Media Campaigns. This includes Influencer Campaigns, Social Ads and Branded Content on the most state-of-the-art platforms. Our specialism lies in campaigns on TikTok, but we are able to offer you a full Social Media plan.